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Anti-gun violence group BRAG holds annual Peace Barbecue in Wakefield

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The annual Peace Barbecue, organized by Bronx Rises Against Gun Violence (BRAG), was held in Wakefield on Saturday.

This event represents a collaborative effort aimed at establishing safe streets and fostering a new norm in Wakefield that unequivocally rejects gun violence.

During the summer months, BRAG organizes a series of barbecues in various neighborhoods across the borough.

According to a report, the selection of locations is based on consultations with other organizations to identify areas with high crime rates, shootings, and gun violence.

Yadira Moncion, the director of BRAG, explained, “We collaborate with other entities to determine which areas are plagued by crime and gun violence, and then we decide where to hold our events.”

According to BRAG, these outreach activities contribute to creating safer streets, enabling children to thrive, and reducing shootings within the communities they serve.

Yurika Brown, a resident of Wakefield, expressed her gratitude for community outreach initiatives like BRAG, stating, “As a mother, I fear for my children, but I am thankful that BRAG brings educational resources to our neighborhood, reassuring our kids that they can be safe.”

Recent NYPD crime reports indicate that the 47th Precinct in the Bronx has experienced a significant increase in shootings compared to the same period last year.

Sheila Rule, a local resident, emphasized the importance of having credible messengers to make a meaningful impact, stating, “What will truly make a difference is the presence of trustworthy individuals.”

Parents concur that youth mentorship programs and additional initiatives are crucial in deterring children from engaging with firearms. Brown added, “If the government could implement more of these community programs, I believe it would greatly reduce gun violence.”

BRAG plans to host four more Peace Barbecues in different Bronx neighborhoods throughout the summer, as part of their ongoing efforts to spread their message and promote a safer community.

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