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Russia grants Journalists off to recover from ‘Tense’ weekend

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In the aftermath of a captivating march on Moscow led by a formidable army of mercenaries, Russian authorities have urged journalists to take a day off to recuperate from a “tense” weekend, according to an announcement made on Sunday.

The uprising, orchestrated by Yevgeny Prigozhin, the notorious leader of the Wagner Group, sent shockwaves through Russia, triggering the most significant political crisis the country has experienced in decades. As newsrooms tirelessly worked around the clock to cover the unfolding events, Moscow authorities swiftly implemented “anti-terror” measures, prompting the declaration of a day off for residents on Monday, despite Prigozhin abruptly aborting his revolt on Saturday evening.

The Russian Ministry of Digital Development also joined in, offering recommendations that journalists and IT workers should take a day of rest. In a statement shared on social media, the Ministry acknowledged the emotionally charged and tense nature of Saturday, stating, “We recommend granting employees of IT and telecom companies and media a day off.”

The Ministry specifically acknowledged the arduous efforts of workers in round-the-clock companies and media personnel situated in regions “at the epicenter of the events,” emphasizing the need for them to have an opportunity to recharge. They further revealed that many employees within the Ministry itself had spent the weekend working tirelessly, thus leading to the decision to grant them a day off as well.

Prigozhin’s sudden decision to abandon his revolt has left both domestic and international observers bewildered, with even seasoned political analysts struggling to discern his true motives. The announcement of his hasty retreat has been met with derision in Russia, and his recent audio message on Telegram, announcing the reversal of his forces, has garnered almost 400,000 “clown face” emojis, symbolizing widespread mockery and disbelief.

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