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Biden’s approval rating remains at 40% as economic concerns persist

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In an ongoing challenge for US President Joe Biden, his public approval rating has maintained a steady position of 40 percent in early July, hovering close to the lowest levels recorded during his presidency. Economic worries continue to trouble Americans.

The three-day online poll, which concluded on Monday, posed the question, “Do you approve or disapprove of the way Joe Biden is handling his job as president?” The results displayed a slight decrease from the previous month’s 41 percent approval rating, falling within the survey’s three percentage-point margin of error.

Among the respondents, the largest portion, comprising 21 percent, expressed their foremost concern as the state of the economy. This was closely followed by 15 percent who highlighted crime or corruption as their primary worry.

In response to the persisting concerns, the White House has initiated a series of events aimed at improving the public’s outlook on the economy, actively promoting what they refer to as the “Bidenomics” agenda.

Interestingly, Biden’s current rating aligns with that of his Republican predecessor, Donald Trump, who also held a 41 percent approval rating at this stage in his presidency. Both figures represent relatively low numbers when compared to their immediate predecessors, Democrat Barack Obama and Republican George W. Bush.

Regarding recent significant decisions, the survey showed respondents were divided in their views on the Supreme Court’s ruling in June to strike down Biden’s student loan forgiveness program. Approximately 49 percent expressed support for the decision, while 48 percent opposed it. Furthermore, the poll revealed that a majority, accounting for 60 percent, backed the court’s decision to discontinue the use of affirmative action in college admissions.

Additionally, an overwhelming 70 percent of respondents voiced their support for the implementation of term limits for Supreme Court justices. This sentiment was shared by 85 percent of Democrats and 56 percent of Republicans.

Conducted after the conclusion of the Supreme Court’s term, which witnessed rulings against college affirmative action programs and Biden’s student debt plan, the Reuters/Ipsos poll collected responses from a nationally representative sample of 1,028 adults through an online platform available in English.

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