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Parkchester resident calls for more street lights, cameras as man assaults partner in public

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A resident of the Parkchester community in the central Bronx in New York, Yum Yum, has called on co-dwellers, suggesting the need to install more surveillance cameras and street lights to enhance better tracking of the exterior and interior activities of the neighborhood.

The quest follows her witnessing a public assault on a community woman at exactly 11:45 p.m. local time by a man, presumably her husband, without fear of being ridiculed or covered.

She lamented that all efforts to rescue the victim at the scene were unsuccessful, stating that no cops showed up despite putting up a call through. 

Yum said, “No one was present in the garage at Tremont to help at the time.”

Upon investigation, she added that it wasn’t the first time the man engaged in such harassment.

Brainstorming ideas on how to curb the mess among men of similar nature on the PWG platform, the majority of the community members uphold that despite the government’s failure to install street lights and cameras in every nook and cranny of Parkchester, something can still be done to put the disgusting act on halt, suggesting the use of the phone to capture the whole scene as evidence for legal tender.

Supporting the idea of taking on-the-spot videos, Jess Gonz expressed her displeasure at such ill-treatment emanating from a man to a woman, stressing that it should only be done with great care.

“Be careful with taking pics or recording because if they see all attention will be on you,” she said.

Another resident, Luiz Diaz, added that taking pictures or video recordings will go a long way in deterring future occurrences; however, being at a safer distance is crucial.

“Please take a Pic or video record of the guy next time so we could put him on blast and call 911 instantly. Do not wait for other people to call Parkchester PD or 911. Just do it. If we turn a blind eye to the incident then what is the whole purpose of having this group? 

“We are trying to improve our Parkchester community with a better quality of life by raising awareness because we love our neighborhood. Just make sure you are safe distance when calling incidents like this with the Violater And the victim. Every situation is different,” said Diaz

Andrew Smith mentioned that inviting the police might not solve the matter, as marital issues are usually complicated. Therefore, he suggested the government push to ‘put up informational posters in all the buildings to create awareness about peaceful co-existence, tolerance, and safe victims of domestic violence.

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