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As Donald Trump Grows, Ron DeSantis Wanes

You should know that the more indictments, allegations, and accusations are thrown at former President Donald Trump, the more sympathy and support he acquires.

All public opinion polls show Donald Trump leading all other Presidential candidates. Apparently, the former President seems to be getting more vigorous political speaking, despite his detractor’s political landmines. According to Public Opinion Polls, it appears that the American Public have concluded that the indictments, and accusations, are nothing more than a political witch hunt, political persecution, and more importantly election interference.

The people’s support is evidenced by the political Contributions, and Large Attendance at Trump Rallies and public events. The American people seem to recognize that all these trumped-up accusations have one main goal, and that is to prevent the Return of a Trump Presidency.

You should know that Donald Trump has acquired $40 million dollars in contributions from the American people since his first indictment. Apparently, the accusations, the numerous indictments, and political persecutions have only served as blessings for Trump, given that his detractors have failed to obtain the results that they have hoped for.

Even people like Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, where he is now feeling the wrath of the American Public for rebelling against Donald Trump, especially given that Trump stood by him and supported him when he needed him the most. A lack of Gratitude is something Americans find distasteful, and that lack of gratitude does not sit well.

As you well know, Ron DeSantis, was viewed as a possible future President of the United States. However, when he declared his intentions to challenge Donald Trump, at this time, his political future has been in decline. As it stands right now, the political future of Ron DeSantis is not very clear.

On July 26, 2023, Ron DeSantis had to lay off one-third (1/3) of his Presidential Campaign staff. DeSantis began his campaign with 90 employees and was forced to lay off 38 of them.

The Polls are also not very beneficial for DeSantis, while Donald Trump continues to increase his lead, DeSantis second place position in the polls is now threatened by an Unknown Presidential Candidate named Mr. Vivek Ramaswamy.

As you can see, some time ago DeSantis was viewed by many as a powerful opponent for Donald Trump, today while Donald Trump continues to grow, even with all the Persecutions, Plots and Dirty Tricks by the Democrats, Ron DeSantis sees his Presidential aspirations increasingly being overshadowed.

I believe that the Democrats in their quest to eliminate, with their arduous attempts to destroy Donald Trump, are succeeding in making him a more a sympathetic figure, a leader, a fighter, every day becoming a figure to be admired, respected and even by people who were once “Never Trumpers” who previously rejected him, but now it’s apparent that this is all politically motivated with the hope of preventing Trump his rightful place on the ballot for 2024.

BY: Rev. Rubén Díaz
Bronx, New York

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