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Mr. Mayor, Who Is Denying The Immigrants Aid, The Federal Government or President Biden’s Administration?

You should know that, philosophically and literally speaking, it’s well known that whoever controls the language, controls the culture and its people. When there is an effective play on words people will believe what they hear, and the messaging is therefore easier to swallow.

Changing the terminology is a clever tactic, mainly political, that is used to conceal the truth on social issues, concepts, or situations that are unpopular, and unacceptable to the masses. Using words that convey a positive message is a clever way to conceal the truth.

For example, the word “Abortion” which is a procedure that terminates an innocent life. So instead, the term used is the “Right to Choose” or “Women’s Health or Reproductive Rights”, because the connotation now is more palatable. These terms are deceptive and convey a positive message, instead of a negative one. As a result, most people have fallen for the practice of Abortion.

Another example is the issue of same-sex marriage. Many find it unacceptable to change the meaning of traditional marriage, when a man marries a man, and a woman marries a woman. So homosexual marriage is not used. Instead, it was translated to “Marriage Equality” and therefore it became easier to accept and it passed, changing generations of traditional marriage. So based on the verbiage you use when discussing an uncomfortable matter or one that may be offensive to the masses, change it, conceal the truth, make it seem like a good thing, and you have successfully changed minds, and the culture.

It appears that Mayor Eric Adams and Governor Kathy Hochul are at again, playing with words. When addressing the Immigrant Crisis and the lack of resources needed to handle the chaos New York is experiencing, they say it’s because of the “Federal Government.” Notice that they do not say it’s because of President Joe Biden and his Administration. The Mayor and the Governor are choosing their words very carefully so as not to appear that they are laying blame on the Democratic President Joe Biden, especially during a Presidential campaign season.

Similarly, the news media reports that the “Federal Government has denied aid to New York”, ignoring that the Federal Government is President Joe Biden, our current President, but they purposefully ignore to mention that fact.

How is it that during the disaster caused by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, The Democrats, and the media blamed President George Bush, and not the Federal Government. Years ago, when immigrants arrived and were detained, it was said that President Donald Trump had children in cages, they did not say it was the Federal Government.

President Gerald Ford was blamed, when New York was suffering an economic crisis and financial aid was denied, they printed headlines that said “Ford To New York Drop Dead” they didn’t say the Federal Government. Notice that all these Presidents were Republicans, but the terms seem to change when it’s the Democrats who are in power and control.

Also take note that when America sends trillions of dollars in aid to Ukraine and millions of dollars to other countries, they report “Joe Biden sends aid to Ukraine,” etc. Etc. They never say the “Federal Government.” I’m sure you get the picture.

It is important for Democratic leaders, who represent the State of New York who are serving on the federal level, to know that when they say that “The Federal Government denies financial aid to solve the Immigrant Crisis” they are being disingenuous. Not only are the Democrats responsible for the immigrant crisis, but now it is they, the Administration of President Joe Biden, who has failed and has denied New York the necessary aid it desperately needs.

Hakim Jeffrey is a New York Congressman, the Leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives at the Federal level, Senator Charles Shumer, is the Majority Leader of the Democrats in the U.S. Senate and President Joe Biden is the maximum leader of the Nation.

They are the three great Democratic Powers that represent the Federal Government. They are in key powerful positions and are the dealmakers when it comes to budget allocations for the Federal Government. So, it is they, the Democrats who are failing New York in its time of need.

So, my question to Mayor Eric Adams and Governor Kathy Hochul is, so who is denying federal aid to the immigrants and New York City? The Federal Government, Senator Charles Shumer, Congressman Hakeem Jeffrey, or President Joe Biden’s Administration?

You, Mr. Mayor, have the floor, please make it clear and explain. To say that it is the “Federal Government” is an ambiguous term. Who in the Federal Government? Speak clearly and explain, in truth, who has denied New York and the immigrants the financial aid it desperately needs to deal with the Crisis we are all experiencing.

By: Rev. Rubén DíazBronx, New York

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