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New York police identify gun-waving suspect in viral video

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Long Island Authorities have officially identified the individual involved in the recent incident wherein a suspect brandished a firearm and took control of a busy intersection.

The incident, characterized by shots fired into the air and menacing gestures towards passing vehicles, concluded when the suspect was struck by a police cruiser.

The identified suspect, Kiber Calderon, aged 31 and hailing from Brooklyn, now faces a total of 13 charges related to the event. These charges encompass three counts of third-degree menacing, two counts of menacing a police officer, and multiple instances of criminal possession.

Video footage captured the sequence of events in which Calderon, also recognized as Hanna Carillo, wielded a firearm at the junction of Jerusalem and Bellmore Avenues in North Bellmore, transpiring just after 2 p.m. on Tuesday.

The viral footage exhibits Calderon purportedly aiming the firearm at passing vehicles and bystanders, further emphasizing the gravity of the situation.

Calderon’s actions escalated as they proceeded to hold the weapon to their own head. However, the crisis came to a dramatic conclusion when a Nassau County Police cruiser impacted Calderon, causing them to fall to the ground, weapon in hand.

Providing insight into the response, Nassau County Police conveyed, “Upon police arrival, officers observed the subject pointing a black and silver handgun at passing motorists and police. An officer struck the subject with the front passenger side of a patrol vehicle, causing the defendant to fall to the ground with the weapon.”

As a result of the collision, Calderon sustained minor injuries and was promptly detained by law enforcement personnel on the scene.

Notably, this is not the first instance involving Calderon in the criminal justice system. Records indicate that in June, Calderon faced two separate arrests on charges related to burglary and trespassing in New York City.

In light of the event, Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder commended the officer operating the police cruiser for their “sound” decision, which was instrumental in safeguarding lives.

Ryder stressed that the officer’s actions adhered to protocol, given that the use of deadly force warranted an appropriate response.

The officer involved in the collision was subsequently hospitalized for trauma. Reflecting on the officer’s decision-making, Ryder conveyed that the decision to not discharge their weapon was influenced by the presence of bystanders behind the suspect.

Pending medical clearance for Calderon, an arraignment will be scheduled to address the charges levied against them.

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