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Protests unfold outside new migrant facility in Queens

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A gathering of protestors unfolded on Wednesday in front of the Creedmoor Psychiatric Center located in Queens, where over 100 adult male migrants are currently housed. Concerns were voiced about the potential consequences of accommodating 1,000 single male migrants, with some fearing an undue impact on the community.

Queens Village resident Phil Orenstein shared his apprehension, stating, “What’s gonna happen with 1,000 single male migrants? They’re gonna take over the community. They have nowhere to go, nothing to do. They’re gonna sit on cots. There are much better solutions.”

Creedmoor’s close proximity to a park, elementary school, baseball field, and YMCA stirred concerns among Queens Village residents, who argue that this location is unsuitable for housing migrants. Orenstein clarified, “We’re not anti-immigrant. I’m an immigrant myself. We would welcome true asylum seekers from war-torn countries.”

The United Nations has indicated that a significant portion of the migrants arriving in the United States are originating from Venezuela and Africa, seeking refuge from political persecution. The migrants are allowed a maximum stay of 60 days at Creedmoor, after which they will be linked with a caseworker. However, transportation accessibility in the area is limited, with only one city bus line available.

Bob Friedrich, the president of Glen Oaks Village, shared an interaction with a migrant who was seeking nearby transportation options, revealing the transportation constraints of the area. Friedrich mentioned, “We don’t have subways here. We have one bus and it doesn’t even run 24 hours.”

Weatherized tents were introduced at Creedmoor on Tuesday to house the adult male migrants. The facility features numerous rows of cots intended to accommodate up to 1,000 men. Nevertheless, certain residents expressed their dissatisfaction with these accommodations, deeming them inappropriate and inhumane.

Mayor Eric Adams announced on Wednesday that more than 100,000 asylum seekers have already passed through the city’s shelter system as of August 13th. However, amidst the protests, some demonstrators, including immigrants themselves, criticized the process for treating legally arrived immigrants unfairly.

Sharon Liao, who immigrated from Taiwan 37 years ago, voiced her perspective, stating, “Before we come, the government has already checked everything and they know when we come here, we won’t commit crime, we will work hard, we will pay tax. That’s what the government wants because we want high-quality people.”

“Frustrated residents are collectively calling upon Mayor Eric Adams, Governor Kathy Hochul, and President Joe Biden to promptly address the growing influx of migrants. Demands include border control measures and reinstatement of border infrastructure”.

“Notably, the NYPD took action by arresting several individuals who obstructed the street outside Creedmoor. Among those detained was Curtis Sliwa, a former candidate for New York City Mayor, demonstrating the depth of emotions and actions taken in response to this complex situation”.

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