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Council Member Farias office begins rat sighting data collection

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Council Member Farias office is actively engaged in the comprehensive collection of data pertaining to occurrences of rat sightings within the district.

This was disclosed via a Facebook page Parkchester Watch Group (PWG) on Friday August 18, 2023.

“Should you possess knowledge of areas where multiple rat sightings have been observed, we kindly urge you to communicate these details with utmost urgency by means of private messaging,” a statement reads.

It adds, “By doing so, you would be assisting us in the compilation of essential information.

“In order to facilitate this process and ensure that the data collected is both comprehensive and informative, we humbly request that you adhere to the following guidelines while providing your information.”

Example of Rat Sighting Reporting:

Type: Kindly indicate whether the sighting transpired on a street or within an apartment complex.

Time: Please furnish the month and year during which the sighting occurred, to the best of your recollection.

Location: Specify the precise street address where the sighting transpired, and if applicable, the apartment number within the complex.

Details: We kindly request that you elaborate upon any salient observations, such as instances where the rodent entered a store or if multiple rodents were observed simultaneously.

The office stated further, “By collaborating in this vital data collection endeavor, you are actively contributing to the enhancement of our community’s knowledge and understanding of these occurrences.”

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