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Arraignment held for brothers charged in Queens struggle with off-duty cop, risk 25yrs in prison

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In a courtroom drama that unfolded at Queens Criminal Court, the legal fate of two brothers was set in motion as they faced charges stemming from a violent altercation with an off-duty police officer.

The incident, which resulted in injuries to both the officer and one of the brothers, saw the accused pair arraigned on multiple serious charges, including first-degree assault, assault on a police officer, attempted criminal possession of a weapon, strangulation, and related crimes.

The courtroom was tense as the brothers, whose identities are being withheld due to the ongoing nature of the case, were brought before the judge.

They stand accused of assaulting an off-duty police officer, who had identified himself as such and was attempting to make an arrest during the altercation.

The confrontation escalated to the point where both the officer and one of the brothers were shot and wounded.

The charges are severe, and if convicted, the duo could face a maximum sentence of up to 25 years in prison.

The seriousness of the allegations had both the prosecution and defense teams ready for a legal battle that promises to be closely watched by legal experts and the public alike.

During the arraignment, the prosecution argued for the accused brothers to be held without bail, citing the violent nature of the incident and the potential flight risk they might pose.

The judge presiding over the case agreed with the prosecution’s arguments, ordering both individuals to be held without bail, pending further proceedings.

The incident in question has captured significant media attention, with many speculating on the circumstances leading up to the altercation.

As the legal process unfolds, the Queens Criminal Court will be the stage where justice is sought for all parties involved.

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