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Muslim Media calls for global boycott of Afghanistan over gender discrimination

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In a significant move, the Muslim Media Corporation (MMC) has launched a global boycott campaign against Afghanistan, citing concerns over educational and leadership discrimination against girls and women within the nation.

This action follows MMC’s prior campaigns, which targeted Saudi Arabia and Iran until they resumed diplomatic, political, and religious relations a few years ago.

Expressing deep care for Afghanistan and its resilient population, MMC has taken a firm stand against what it sees as a grave injustice.

The organization is calling for international support to pressure Afghanistan into addressing these issues.


The basis for MMC’s campaign draws from the life of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), who, despite being an illiterate and impoverished orphan, found employment, love, protection, and honor with a highly successful, knowledgeable, and respected businesswoman in Makkah.

This remarkable woman served not only as his employer and guardian but also as a crucial supporter and defender during the establishment of Islam in the face of hostility.

Given this historical context, MMC raises a poignant question: How could Prophet Muhammad, after experiencing empowerment and legitimacy through a successful lady, turn his back on girls’ education and women’s leadership?

Contrary to any such notion, he emphasized the importance of education and the pursuit of knowledge for all, regardless of gender.

Current Situation:

Amidst the backdrop of gender-based discrimination in Afghanistan’s higher education system, MMC is urging the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to redirect its focus from Israel and instead address the pressing issues within Afghanistan.

MMC is also calling on the United Nations, European Union, and other global entities to join this cause and take immediate action.

In a world where misogynistic attitudes and the discriminatory treatment of girls and women should have no place, MMC’s campaign underscores the urgency of addressing these issues wherever they persist.

The organization’s global boycott seeks to ensure that Afghanistan takes steps toward eliminating gender discrimination and fostering equality in education and leadership.

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