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Congress returns from recess to tackle govt shutdown looming amid partisan standoff, health concerns

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As the U.S. Senate reconvenes after a month-long recess, a turbulent September awaits on Capitol Hill, marked by the looming threat of a government shutdown, political infighting, and concerns about the health of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

With the September 30th deadline for government funding drawing near, lawmakers face the daunting task of approving 12 appropriations bills, and bipartisan cooperation remains elusive.

While the House has passed only one of the appropriations bills, none have made it through the Senate.

Time constraints cast doubt on meeting the deadline.

To avert a shutdown, congressional leaders acknowledge the need for a stop-gap measure.

However, divisions within the Republican Party, including demands from the House Freedom Caucus for conservative provisions, have complicated the path forward.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has endorsed a short-term measure, but the Caucus insists on addressing issues such as the Department of Justice’s “weaponization,” Pentagon “woke” policies, and immigration restrictions. McCarthy, already navigating challenges from the party’s right-wing, faces an uphill battle.

The broader task of reconciling House and Senate spending bills adds complexity to the situation. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer urged bipartisan-backed appropriations bills as the only viable solution.

McConnell dubbed the funding fight a “pretty big mess,” criticizing the House-backed spending levels.

Moreover, concerns about McConnell’s health have resurfaced after an incident in Kentucky last week.

Despite these concerns, some Senate Republicans expressed support for his continued leadership.

Questions about McConnell’s health are expected to linger as the Senate addresses its priorities.

In a parallel development, House Republicans are considering launching an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

While the inquiry’s fate remains uncertain, McCarthy has promised a vote on the matter, a move that could impact the spending standoff and put vulnerable Republicans in a difficult position.

Other critical issues in the coming weeks include reauthorizing funding for the Federal Aviation Administration, the farm bill, Ukraine aid, and disaster relief, all with September 30th deadlines.

As Congress returns to work, the nation watches with bated breath, uncertain of whether political divisions can be set aside to avert a government shutdown and address pressing legislative priorities.

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