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Man accused of glass bottle assault faces arraignment, bail set at $100,000

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In a disturbing incident that unfolded in Midtown on Thursday night, a man allegedly assaulted three individuals by striking them in the head with a glass bottle.

Today, in a criminal court arraignment, the accused, identified as Michael Howell, 33, faced charges related to the incident.

During the proceedings, presided over by a judge, bail for Howell was established at a significant sum of $100,000.

The severity of the charges stemming from the glass bottle assault appears to have factored into the judge’s decision to set a substantial bond.

Furthermore, it has come to light that Howell was already facing legal issues prior to this recent incident.

In August, he was charged in an open assault complaint for an alleged assault on a subway rider.

This incident reportedly occurred on an A train at the 42nd St – Port Authority Bus Terminal station.

Additionally, Michael Howell’s criminal record reveals a series of prior arrests, including three incidents of petit larceny that took place in August of this year. In these cases, he is accused of stealing merchandise from both TJ Maxx and Nordstrom stores on separate occasions.

These incidents have contributed to a growing criminal history for Howell.

Moreover, it has been disclosed that Howell has a prior arrest dating back to 2014, related to driving while intoxicated.

This further underscores a history of legal issues and raises questions about his past behavior.

As Michael Howell’s legal proceedings progress, authorities will be closely monitoring the case, and the victims of the glass bottle assault, as well as those affected by his previous alleged actions, await justice.

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