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New York City’s economic revival credited to emphasis on public safety, Mayor Eric Adams says

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In the wake of the recent release of data by the state’s Department of Labor, indicating a full recovery of New York City’s employment levels to pre-pandemic figures, Mayor Eric Adams has attributed the city’s economic resurgence to his administration’s focus on enhancing public safety.

Speaking on “Mornings On 1” with anchor Pat Kiernan, Adams reiterated the significance of public safety in the city’s recovery.

Adams stated, “If you can’t get people back on your subway system, then they’re not going to return to offices or visit our nightlife establishments – including restaurants, where people need to feel comfortable. That was the foundation.”

The data revealed that since the peak of the pandemic, the city has successfully regained nearly 1 million jobs. Currently, New York City boasts approximately 4.7 million jobs in the public and private sectors, with over 100,000 jobs added compared to the same time last year.

Remarkably, the city’s economic rebound reflects national trends, as businesses across the U.S. have significantly increased hiring, despite challenges such as rising interest rates, financial market volatility, the looming threat of a government shutdown, and an uncertain economic outlook.

Deputy Mayor Maria-Torres Springer, who joined Mayor Adams during the remote interview, emphasized the city’s exceptional job growth. She stated, “We’ve recovered more jobs than cities like San Francisco or Austin have people.”

However, Deputy Mayor Springer acknowledged that economic security remains elusive for many New Yorkers, saying, “Our work is not yet finished. We aim to increase wages, connect residents to employment opportunities, and improve affordability by increasing housing options, as we understand the high cost of rent in the city burdens New Yorkers. We are working diligently to address these challenges.”

Mayor Adams also briefly touched on various topics, including the issuance of work authorization permits to migrants and the city’s decision to lift restrictions on electric rideshare vehicles like Uber and Lyft.

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