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Donald Trump erupts in fury as daughter ordered to testify

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In a recent outburst, former President Donald Trump expressed his anger and frustration over a New York judge’s decision to compel his daughter, Ivanka Trump, to testify in an ongoing case.

Trump took to his social media platform, Truth Social, to voice his vehement objections and disdain for the judge’s ruling.

Trump declared, “My daughter, Ivanka, was released from this Fake Letitia James case by the Court of Appeals, but this Trump-Hating, Unhinged Judge, who ruled me guilty before this Witch Hunt Trial even started, couldn’t care less about the fact that he was overturned.

“I also won on Appeal on Statute of Limitations, but he refuses to accept their decision. I truly believe he is CRAZY, but certainly, at a minimum, CRAZED in his hatred of me. This case should have never started, but now must be dismissed.”

The former president continued to attack the judge’s credibility, asserting that the judge was “out of control” and had imposed fines over a “ridiculous Gag Order.”

Trump contended that the judge’s actions were aimed at diverting attention from other issues, including alleged lies told to Congress.

In a second social media post, Trump criticized the judge as “grossly incompetent” and a “partisan political hack.” He accused the judge of disregarding higher court decisions and preventing a jury from getting involved in his case.

Trump also took aim at Letitia James, the Attorney General of New York, and claimed the legal system in the state had broken down.

He vehemently asserted his innocence, insisting that there were “No Crimes & No Victims” and that this was a “Biden Election Interference Scam.”

He concluded by demanding that the “Radical Trump Hater” judge be removed from the case.

Despite his fervent objections, it is clear that Trump is feeling the pressure and facing a new level of legal scrutiny.

The case at hand threatens to expose him to potential consequences for alleged past actions, and the involvement of his daughter Ivanka adds a personal dimension to the proceedings.

Rather than addressing the substance of the allegations against him, Trump’s responses have been marked by criticism of the judge and the legal system itself. This reaction, reminiscent of previous legal battles, suggests that the former President is preparing for a contentious legal battle.

The outcome of this case remains uncertain, but as it unfolds, it appears that Donald Trump is entering a challenging and tumultuous chapter in his legal journey.

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