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Senator Nathalia Fernandez commends Sheikh Musa Drammeh’s remarkable impact on New York State

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In a heartfelt proclamation, New York State Senator, Nathalia Fernandez, has officially recognized the outstanding efforts and unwavering commitment of Sheikh Musa Drammeh.

The proclamation acknowledges the diverse and impactful roles that Sheikh Musa Drammeh has played in various spheres, including activism, religious advocacy, interfaith leadership, and community development.

Sheikh Musa Drammeh, a co-founder of the Muslim-Israel Dialogue, founder of Daylight Africa, chairman of the National Center for Health Equity, founder of Healthy Lifestyle Lifespan, publisher of Muslim Media Corporation, co-founder of STEMdup Academy, and chairman of Halalan Tayyiban Corporation, is being honored for his remarkable dedication to building bridges among different communities and promoting religious inclusivity.

Senator Fernandez emphasizes the significance of Sheikh Musa Drammeh’s tireless efforts in advancing religious freedom and fostering friendships among people of diverse religious backgrounds.

His work not only sheds light on the challenges faced by his own religious community but also underscores the importance of constructive dialogue and cooperation between disparate groups.

“we acknowledge his tireless efforts that have promoted religious freedom and fostered friendships among people from various religious backgrounds,” the proclamation reads.

It adds, “We understand that through these actions, he has shed light on the challenges faced by his own religious community and emphasized the significance of constructive dialogue between disparate groups; and when the contributions of such entities and individuals are brought to the attention of the legislature, I, State Senator Nathalia Fernandez, believe it is appropriate to publicly proclaim and commend them for their sustained commitment to the community of the Bronx.

“I, State Senator Nathalia Fernandez, and an indicator of the compassionate duties they will continue to provide.”

This proclamation serves as a testament to Sheikh Musa Drammeh’s continuous commitment to the Bronx community and his compassionate contributions.

It is a public declaration of the gratitude and admiration that the legislative body extends to him.

In recognition of his outstanding work, Senator Nathalia Fernandez proclaims her unwavering support for Sheikh Musa Drammeh and presents him with a copy of this proclamation as a token of appreciation for his exceptional contributions to the State of New York.

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