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Trump’s lawyer unintentionally unveils serial criminal image in courtroom blunder

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In a courtroom drama that left the audience in shock and disbelief, Donald Trump’s chief lawyer, Christopher Kise, accidentally exposed the former president as a serial criminal during a recent legal proceeding.

Kise’s attempt to secure permission for Trump to attend court hearings via phone due to a packed schedule backfired spectacularly, as it shed light on the multitude of criminal cases pending against Trump.

Kise’s plea to the judge, “As the Court may be aware, the undersigned counsel for President Trump…is unable to attend the November 1st hearing in person,” inadvertently painted a damning picture of Trump’s legal entanglements. The lawyer went on to complain about the ongoing trials in different districts, asserting that they revealed a “central truth about these cases.”

However, far from casting Trump as a victim of a conspiracy, Kise’s words laid bare a stark reality: Donald Trump’s schedule is so saturated with felony cases that his legal team cannot keep up. Rather than a political vendetta, these countless trials now expose Trump as a lifelong criminal who is finally facing accountability for his actions.

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