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Kimmel fires back with wit as Trump threatens legal action over truth social critique

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Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel has unleashed a witty and sharp response after receiving a legal “cease and desist” letter from Donald Trump’s Truth Social.

The letter, issued by the Trump Media and Technology Group, threatened legal action against Kimmel and his show for asserting on air that Truth Social is facing financial challenges and a decline in market value.

The feud ignited when Kimmel boldly declared on his show that Truth Social experienced a staggering $73 million drop in value since its launch.

In a twist of irony, Kimmel found himself on the receiving end of a legal warning from the very subject of his comedic scrutiny.

Addressing the situation on his show, Kimmel humorously recounted, “This morning, I woke up to a letter from the Trump Media and Technology Group demanding that I apologize for and retract a statement I made on the air about his struggling social media platform, Truth Social.”

Taking a lighthearted jab at the former president’s sensitivity, Kimmel remarked, “We talk a lot about Donald Trump here at the show in the same way paleontologists talk about apes, right? We’re studying him but it’s easy to forget sometimes that he actually sees this stuff.”

Highlighting Trump’s alleged preoccupation with self-image, Kimmel added, “He’s obsessed with himself and with what people say about him, and because of that, we have somehow found ourselves once again in the wisp-thin crosshairs of our crazy ex-president and his compatriots.”

Seizing the opportunity to inject some legal humor, Kimmel quipped, “Demanding a retraction for reporting the value of his company incorrectly is pretty darn hilarious — considering the fact he is on trial right now for reporting the value of his company incorrectly. Maybe he should sue himself.”

In a final act of comedic reconciliation, Kimmel concluded, “But in all fairness, TMTG demanded an apology, so from the bottom of my heart, I want to say to Donald Trump and everyone at TMTG, I’m deeply sorry you’re so bad at running companies!”

As this amusing clash unfolds, it remains to be seen whether the legal threats will escalate or if the comedic banter will continue to play out on the public stage.

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