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Mayor Baraka condemns murder of Imam Hassan Sharif, calls for unity, justice in Newark

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Mayor Ras J. Baraka addresses the shocking murder of Imam Hassan Sharif, declaring full support for the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office in the ongoing investigation.

The public safety ecosystem is rallied to assist, emphasizing an unwavering commitment to bringing the perpetrator to justice.

Imam Hassan Sharif, a pillar of Newark’s multi-faith clergy community, is remembered as a staunch advocate for the city’s residents.

Mayor Baraka urges the community to unite in condemning this heinous act, emphasizing that violence has no place in Newark, regardless of the circumstances.

While details surrounding the tragic shooting remain unclear, Mayor Baraka underlines the importance of standing in solidarity with the grieving family.

The statement expresses deep sorrow for the loss of a fellow Newarker and condemns the presence of a firearm that has disrupted the community’s peace.

The Mayor, expressing his disgust at such violence within the city, encourages the perpetrator to surrender through Newark’s Safe Surrender Program.

“Regardless of the time it takes, the commitment to justice is unwavering,” he said.

As Newark mourns the loss of Imam Hassan Sharif, Mayor Baraka emphasizes that condolences and comfort for the grieving family are insufficient.

The collective hearts of the city are shattered, prompting a call for resilience and a refusal to mourn the capacity to love, embody ideals of tolerance, and build a city that serves as a safe haven for all.

The statement concludes with a powerful plea for the community to tighten their embrace, demonstrating compassion in the face of adversity.

Newark is urged to reject the mourning of its ability to reach out to one another before difficulties escalate into crises, reinforcing a commitment to justice, compassion, and unity in the wake of this tragic event.

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