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Biden’s legal team raises concerns over justice department’s handling of investigation

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President Joe Biden’s personal attorney, Bob Bauer, has expressed significant apprehension regarding what he perceives as derogatory and unjustified references to the President’s memory within a recent report.

Speaking on CBS’ Face the Nation Sunday, Bauer criticized the report as a “shabby work product” and disclosed that he had communicated his concerns to both the special counsel and the attorney general.

The special counsel, Robert Hur, was tasked with investigating potential mishandling of classified documents during Biden’s previous tenures as vice president and senator. While the inquiry concluded that no criminal charges were warranted, Bauer highlighted particular aspects of the report that he found troubling. In particular, Hur’s commentary on Biden’s memory, including references to personal matters such as the death of his son Beau, sparked outrage from the President himself.

Biden’s age, already a topic of concern among voters, has come under renewed scrutiny in light of these developments. Democratic efforts to affirm the President’s fitness for office and discredit portrayals of him as feeble have intensified. First lady Jill Biden penned a letter to donors questioning the political motivations behind the report’s contents, which resulted in a significant uptick in donations.

Despite Bauer’s efforts to address the inclusion of potentially prejudicial details with both Hur and Attorney General Merrick Garland, the concerns were not addressed to satisfaction. Former Trump Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein defended the report’s transparency, arguing that publicizing unfavorable information uncovered during investigations is an essential aspect of the process.

Bauer alleged political pressure on the Justice Department, particularly amidst ongoing prosecutions of former President Donald Trump. The involvement of a Republican special counsel, Hur, and his prior association with the Trump administration raise questions about potential biases and external influences on the investigation’s outcome.

As of now, the Justice Department has refrained from commenting on the criticisms leveled against the report, leaving the matter unresolved. The controversy underscores broader concerns about the intersection of politics and law enforcement, particularly in high-profile investigations involving sitting presidents.

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