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Fox News host condemns Marjorie Taylor Greene’s move to oust speaker Johnson

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Host Emily Compagno tore into MAGA Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene for what she described as a disruptive attempt to “steal the limelight” by filing a motion to oust Speaker Mike Johnson from his position.

Compagno did not mince her words, characterizing Greene’s actions as “yet another tantrum” from a faction of the conference that is impeding the functioning of the political machinery.

She criticized Greene for diverting attention from pressing issues such as immigration by seeking to draw focus onto herself through press conferences and controversial motions.

Expressing frustration, Compagno, speaking both as a Republican and an American citizen, voiced her exasperation at the distraction caused by Greene’s actions. She questioned the rationale behind Greene’s move, highlighting the competence and suitability of Speaker Johnson for his role. Compagno emphasized the urgency of addressing real issues facing the nation instead of being bogged down by internal party turmoil during a crucial election year.

However, while Compagno’s critique of Greene received approval, her broader assertion that the Republican Party lacks genuine policy goals and is mired in chaos drew skepticism.

She argued that the party’s failure to prioritize border security, evident in their actions regarding bipartisan border bills, underscores a deeper problem within the GOP—a lack of coherent governance and substantive policy objectives beyond serving the wealthy elite.

Ultimately, Compagno’s condemnation of Greene’s actions underscores the ongoing internal struggles within the Republican Party, with factions vying for control and attention while the nation grapples with pressing issues.

The episode serves as a reminder of the challenges facing American politics and the urgent need for constructive leadership and governance.

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