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Mayorkas condemns Gov. Abbott’s border razor wire efforts

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Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas criticized Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s initiative to reinforce sections of the southern border with concertina and razor wire, labeling the approach ineffective.

Mayorkas, speaking at a roundtable at Homeland Security (DHS) headquarters in Washington on Friday, highlighted that migrants were “easily cutting” through the barriers, impairing the ability of Customs and Border Protection to carry out their duties.

Abbott’s strategy, under the umbrella of Operation Lone Star and involving the deployment of state National Guard troops, includes the installation of concertina and razor wire alongside other barriers along Texas’ border with Mexico. This has sparked a legal dispute between Texas and the U.S. Justice Department, particularly regarding the use of such wire.

Contrary to Abbott’s claims attributing reduced illegal crossings to the barriers, Mayorkas pointed out that certain border sections were fortified with razor wire last year when migrant crossings were at record highs. He argued that crediting the decrease in encounters solely to Abbott’s measures is unfounded, emphasizing the complex nature of border security.

Under Abbott’s leadership, Texas has pursued an aggressive stance challenging federal authority over border and immigration policy. Alongside deploying barriers and National Guard troops, Texas has engaged in controversial actions like transporting migrants to Democratic-led cities without prior notification. Additionally, Texas has attempted to implement stringent immigration laws, exemplified by SB4, which is currently subject to legal scrutiny.

Mayorkas accused Texas of exacerbating disorder through its border efforts, emphasizing the importance of coordination between federal and state authorities in addressing immigration issues. He stressed that immigration policy falls within the exclusive purview of the federal government, reiterating the need for responsible governance in addressing border challenges.

Despite facing impeachment proceedings in the House of Representatives related to his handling of immigration policy, Mayorkas remains focused on his duties. As he prepares to testify before congressional committees, Mayorkas underscored his commitment to his work, expressing hope that the impeachment process would not detract from his responsibilities at Homeland Security.

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