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Megyn Kelly predicts Trump’s conviction in hush money trial

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Prominent Republican commentator Megyn Kelly sent shockwaves through Trump-supporting circles by confidently predicting that former President Donald Trump would face a straightforward conviction in his ongoing hush money criminal trial.

Her remarks, delivered with characteristic bluntness, set off a firestorm of controversy and disbelief among Trump loyalists.

Kelly’s unambiguous declaration left little room for interpretation: “Oh, he’s getting convicted. I don’t really think there’s a lot of mystery about that.” She proceeded to underline her point, asserting, “He shouldn’t, but he’s going to get convicted. The jury’s going to hate him.”

The commentator’s rationale stemmed from the perceived political dynamics in Manhattan, where she suggested a strong anti-Trump sentiment prevailed.

“Manhattan went 92 percent, between 87 and 92 percent for Joe Biden,” Kelly emphasized, insinuating that such sentiments would significantly influence the trial’s outcome. “These are not Trump lovers.”

Kelly further anticipated that the jury would likely be swayed by allegations surrounding Trump’s alleged funneling of funds to adult film star Stormy Daniels through his then-fixer Michael Cohen.

“So I grant you, yeah, they’re probably going to convict him. They’re going to convict him pretty easily, I think,” she remarked, alluding to the perceived strength of the case against the former president.

Her comments provoked strong reactions, particularly from within the pro-Trump faction, with many expressing outrage at what they perceived as premature and biased judgment.

Supporters of the former president took to social media platforms to criticize Kelly’s assessment, decrying it as an instance of political betrayal.

The assertion that Trump should be convicted due to an overwhelming weight of evidence and witness testimonies further inflamed the debate. Kelly’s predictions, rooted in both legal and political analysis, have underscored the deep divisions within the conservative movement regarding the ongoing legal battles faced by Donald Trump.

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