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Parkchester residents seek extension for metro north station feedback

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In a bid to ensure their community’s voice is heard, the Parkchester Watch Group has reached out to Borough President Vanessa Gibson, urging an extension for public feedback regarding proposed plans for the Metro North Train Station and rezoning initiatives in the Bronx neighborhood of Parkchester.

The Parkchester Watch Group, representing residents of Parkchester Condominiums, expressed deep concern over the limited 24-hour notice given to residents to submit feedback on the proposed plans.

This timeframe starkly contrasts with previous notices that provided two weeks for community input. The group is calling for an extension of the deadline to April 23rd, allowing residents ample time to voice their opinions and concerns effectively.

Of particular worry to residents are the implications of proposed building heights under the new zoning R8. The group supports the development of a new Metro North Train Station and affordable housing units but is apprehensive about the potential construction of significantly taller buildings than the existing 13-story structures in Parkchester. Specifically, concerns were raised about an apparent absence of height limits on a vacant lot at the corner of East Tremont Avenue and Unionport Road.

“We support a plan for new housing with buildings of similar height to Parkchester,” stated the Parkchester Watch Group, advocating for a balanced approach to development that preserves the community’s character.

Furthermore, the group emphasized the critical importance of preserving existing parking structures in Parkchester, citing limited parking options for residents. They expressed alarm at any proposed rezoning that might jeopardize current parking facilities, stressing that additional residential units and a new train station would exacerbate existing parking challenges.

In response to these concerns, the Parkchester Watch Group has requested that developers be mandated to construct a public garage with dedicated monthly parking spaces for Parkchester residents. They have also called for restoration of the garage at 1990 East Tremont Avenue.

The letter to Borough President Vanessa Gibson also highlighted broader community needs, including the necessity for a large-scale supermarket, a new elementary school, measures to alleviate traffic congestion, and enhanced security through NYPD cameras along East Tremont Avenue and a proposed MTA Police substation at the Parkchester Metro North Railroad Station.

The Watch Group has expressed eagerness to engage with the Borough President’s office directly to address these issues comprehensively and collaboratively. They anticipate constructive dialogue and action to preserve the fabric and enhance the quality of life in Parkchester

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