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Federal prison firearms dealer linked to notorious mass shooter arrested in New York

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New York State and Federal authorities announced significant charges on Tuesday against Hayden Espinosa, 24, who stands accused of dealing firearms and gun parts from a federal prison located in Louisiana.

Espinosa allegedly operated his illicit business through a Telegram channel, exploiting the platform to distribute firearms and related items. His activities came to light following an investigation that revealed his connection with Peyton Gendron, infamous for the tragic 2022 mass shooting at Topps Supermarket in Buffalo.

This connection proved pivotal for authorities in locating and apprehending Espinosa.

The case has been characterized as a “confluence of guns and extremism,” highlighting the concerning intersection of firearms trafficking and extremist ideologies. Authorities underscored the danger posed by individuals like Espinosa who exploit their positions to fuel illegal gun sales, potentially contributing to further violence.

Espinosa’s arrest marks a significant development in ongoing efforts to combat illegal firearms trafficking and mitigate the risks associated with extremist activities. Authorities are continuing their investigation to unravel the full extent of Espinosa’s operations and any potential connections to other criminal enterprises.

This case serves as a stark reminder of the persistent challenges in monitoring and preventing the illegal distribution of firearms, particularly in cases involving individuals who use digital platforms to facilitate their criminal activities

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