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Congresswoman Boebert lashes out at media for ‘dehumanizing’ coverage

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MAGA Congresswoman Lauren Boebert expressed frustration over what she perceives as unfair media portrayal of her actions and character.

During an interview with KHOW-AM radio host Ross Kaminsky, Boebert claimed the media is “dehumanizing” her and failing to acknowledge her humorous side.

“Part of it is, I mean the media, they do a great job of dehumanizing me, right?” Boebert lamented. “I mean, you just said you like me as a person. I’m funny. Okay. Well, nobody sees that. That’s not front page headline on The Denver Post,” she added, highlighting her disappointment with her coverage.

The irony of her complaints has not gone unnoticed. Critics point out that Boebert’s political career has often involved dehumanizing rhetoric against LGBTQ people, immigrants, and Muslims.

Boebert also referenced a recent incident where she was caught on camera engaging in public sexual misconduct during a performance of the musical Beetlejuice.

“I wish I was less on infrared camera, that would be great,” she remarked, addressing the footage that went viral and intensified scrutiny of her behaviour.

She further shared her grievances about the lack of privacy she faces. “I would like to go to dinner in Fort Collins with my boys and not have random people come up and video us, you know?” she said, portraying herself as a victim of her public persona.

Despite these complaints, Boebert insists that her visibility is essential to her effectiveness in Congress. “If I wasn’t who I am and as loud as I am and in the spotlight, then I don’t believe that I would be as effective because in Congress, when I speak, I mean, people listen,” she asserted. She emphasized her involvement in high-level meetings with congressional leadership, highlighting her influence.

However, Boebert’s critics argue that her expectation for peace and privacy contrasts sharply with her aggressive political stance, which they claim aims to undermine democratic principles and install a far-right regime. To many, her complaints ring hollow given her own role in fostering a divisive and hostile political environment.

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