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JCRC-NY calls for action against rising antisemitism in New York

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The Jewish Community Relations Council of New York (JCRC-NY) has issued a strong condemnation of recent antisemitic attacks targeting prominent museum leaders, including Anne Pasternak, director of the Brooklyn Museum.

These incidents, involving red paint splatters and inflammatory banners, represent a disturbing escalation of antisemitic intimidation in the city.

This act of vandalism is part of a troubling pattern of antisemitic behavior in New York over the past few days.

Recent incidents include protests outside the Nova exhibition—memorializing victims of the October 7th attacks, the defacement of Deborah Kass’s “OY/YO” sculpture with antisemitic graffiti, and the harassment of subway riders by masked protestors demanding, “Raise your hand if you are a Zionist…this is your chance to get out.”

JCRC-NY has made it clear that these actions are not legitimate protests but acts of hate intended to intimidate and silence.

The misuse of terms like “white supremacist” and “genocide” in these contexts perpetuates harmful stereotypes about Jews and diminishes the seriousness of these issues.

The JCRC-NY is calling on public officials and policy makers to go beyond statements of condemnation and implement a comprehensive plan to address the rise in hate and antisemitism. The council stresses that antisemitism threatens the safety of all New Yorkers and undermines the city’s diverse and vibrant fabric.

JCRC-NY also expresses solidarity with those experiencing hate and prejudice, reaffirming its commitment to a New York where all communities can live without fear.

The council calls for a united stand against hate, emphasizing respect and the importance of maintaining an inclusive community.

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