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NYPC organizes prayer conference to mend interfaith relations, address humanitarian crisis

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As the eight-month-long conflict between Israel and Hamas continues to escalate, the New York Peacebuilding Commission (NYPC) is stepping in to foster unity and compassion amidst the turmoil. With global opinions starkly divided, NYPC is organizing a prayer press conference aimed at promoting harmony and understanding within New York City’s diverse communities.

The Israel-Hamas conflict has polarized public opinion, dividing people into pro-Israel and pro-Palestine camps. This polarization has overshadowed efforts to find common ground, with hostages remaining in captivity and casualties rising among Gazans. Locally, this international discord has strained relations between Jewish and Muslim leaders in New York, halting decades of interfaith dialogue and cooperation.

In response, NYPC is convening a prayer press conference to address these local rifts and the broader humanitarian crisis. Scheduled for Thursday, June 27, 2024, from 1:30 to 2:30 PM at the Steps of City Hall, the event will call for the release of Israeli hostages and an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. It aims to transcend partisan divides by emphasizing a compassionate, inclusive approach.

“At this critical juncture, our focus is solely on the humanity of those affected,” said Sheikh Musa Drammeh, Chairperson of NYPC. “We are not taking sides in the conflict but are committed to uniting New Yorkers through a shared moment of prayer and reflection.”

The event will feature a one-minute silent prayer for both the hostages and the victims in Gaza, symbolizing a collective hope for peace and reconciliation.

“We believe that by standing together in prayer, we can foster a sense of shared humanity and begin to mend the divisions that have grown within our city,” said Eunice Ukwuani.

NYPC’s initiative highlights its mission to bridge gaps and promote peace without favoring any side in the conflict. This prayer press conference is a call to action for all New Yorkers to come together in unity and empathy.

For more information, please contact:

Chairperson, Bishop Nancy Rosario:** +1 (917) 374-7917
Vice Chair, Rabbi Kaplan: +1 (917) 861-4347

The NYPC encourages all community members to participate in this significant event, fostering a spirit of solidarity and mutual understanding in these challenging times.

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