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Mayor Adams proclaims “Adopt-A-Friend, Inc. Day” to honor community spirit

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In a vibrant celebration of community engagement and social solidarity, Mayor Eric Adams has proclaimed today as “Adopt-A-Friend, Inc. Day” in New York City.

This proclamation marks the 25th anniversary of Adopt-A-Friend, a Bronx-based nonprofit renowned for its dedicated service to the city’s diverse populations.

Mayor Adams lauded New Yorkers’ commitment to strengthening their metropolis and giving back to their communities. “I am enormously proud to lead a city powered by dynamic and talented New Yorkers who are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of others,” he said.

Adopt-A-Friend has made significant strides in uniting people through fellowship and solidarity. The organization provides scholarships, charitable donations, and advocates for universal education.

Its Bronx Muslim Social Service Center offers accessible health and fitness facilities, focusing on serving Muslim New Yorkers. Through these initiatives, Adopt-A-Friend has left an indelible positive impact on the community.

Mayor Adams emphasized his administration’s dedication to ensuring all New Yorkers have access to necessary resources and opportunities. He praised Adopt-A-Friend as a crucial ally in this mission, recognizing their ongoing efforts to uplift everyone they serve, regardless of background.

“Together, we look forward to the many ways that Adopt-A-Friend will continue to #GetStuffDone as we take bold steps to forge a better, brighter, more prosperous future for all,” Mayor Adams stated.

The proclamation officially designates June 21, 2024, as “Adopt-A-Friend, Inc. Day,” celebrating the organization’s remarkable contributions to the city’s social fabric.

Founded in the Bronx, Adopt-A-Friend is dedicated to uplifting the underserved through various community-focused initiatives. Its extensive work has greatly benefited New York’s five boroughs, fostering a spirit of unity and support.

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