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Democratic candidate Padora mocks Boebert’s Beetlejuice scandal in viral campaign ad

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In a bold and biting campaign ad, Democratic candidate John Padora took aim at MAGA Representative Lauren Boebert, mocking her notorious conduct during a Beetlejuice musical by filming his ad in the very same theater seat where the incident occurred.

“I’m sitting in the very same seat that Lauren Boebert got kicked out of, the same way that she got kicked out of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District,” Padora begins, setting the tone for a scathing critique.

Padora questions Boebert’s motives for switching districts, suggesting it’s purely strategic: “So why has she decided to drop out of her race and run here in the 4th? Well, it’s not out of a love for us and our communities. It’s not because she wants to fight for us in Washington, she’s made that clear. It’s just because she thinks she has a better chance of winning. That’s it.”

Highlighting Boebert’s self-serving politics, Padora continues, “She’s using us for her own personal political gains. But this shouldn’t come as a surprise. It sure as hell doesn’t shock me. She has shown us time and time and time again who she is.”

Padora contrasts himself with Boebert by emphasizing his commitment to his constituents: “We need a leader who cares about us, who knows our communities, our struggles, and will fight for us in Washington, not embarrass us and block important legislation from passing.”

His message resonates with voters seeking genuine representation: “That’s why I’m running for Congress. Because hard-working families have been abandoned by our leaders for far too long. We need equitable, meaningful change and I won’t stop fighting for us until that happens.”

The ad brilliantly underscores Padora’s critique of Boebert’s political maneuvers while positioning himself as a dedicated advocate for his district, leaving viewers with a memorable and powerful impression.

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