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Sen Fernandez leads celebration of first Community Organizers Day, advocates for official recognition

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Senator Nathalia Fernandez has marked a significant milestone by officiating the first anniversary of Community Organizers Day, a tribute to those who tirelessly work to improve their neighborhoods.

The celebration coincided with the 20th anniversary of Adopt-A-Friend, Inc., a cherished local organization. Fernandez announced that June 21st will henceforth be known as Adopt-A-Friend Day.

Senator Fernandez, known for her commitment to grassroots movements, is pushing for Community Organizers Day to be officially recognized by the state of New York.

“This is the one-year anniversary of our effort to get Community Organizers Day officially recognized in New York State,” Fernandez said. “We attempted a resolution, but realized we need to take more steps to create this day honoring those who organize their communities.”

She emphasized the crucial role community organizers play in initiating change. “It doesn’t matter if you are a senator or a chairperson; anyone can be a community organizer by uniting neighbors and pursuing common goals. The efforts seen in government halls often start with community organizers raising awareness and creating purpose.”

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In addition to celebrating community organizers, Fernandez addressed the pressing issue of the upcoming elections.

“This election year is crucial with all levels of government on the ballot in November, from the assembly to the presidential race. It is vital that everyone knows their candidates and votes, especially in the Bronx where voter turnout has historically been low.”

Fernandez encouraged informed voting, highlighting the importance of research and participation. “I will be on the ballot for District 34. Know who else is running, understand their track records, and make sure to vote. For the presidential race, I support our current president based on facts and accomplishments, not rhetoric.”

In her closing statement, Senator Fernandez expressed gratitude to her constituents. “Thank you for caring about your community. Thank you, Sheikh, for giving a voice to the people.”

Senator Nathalia Fernandez represents District 34, encompassing the Bronx and Westchester. Her dedication to civic engagement and community support continues to inspire and mobilize residents.

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