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Bronx Borough President, Vanessa Gibson, launches Summer Cleanup Series

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Bronx Borough President, Vanessa Gibson, has launched the Bronx Summer Cleanup Series, a collaborative effort with the Sanitation Foundation and the New York Yankees.

Gibson made the announcement via her Facebook page on Monday June 24, 2024.

The event took place at Crotona Park, drawing a significant number of volunteers dedicated to maintaining the borough’s cleanliness as summer activities ramp up.

“With the temperatures increasing and more people congregating outside, it is imperative that we keep our streets clean,” Gibson emphasized.

The Bronx Summer Cleanup Series aims to address the challenges of litter and waste in public spaces, especially during the bustling summer months.

The initiative underscores the importance of community involvement in maintaining a clean and healthy environment. President Gibson expressed her gratitude to all the volunteers who supported the event, highlighting their crucial role in the program’s success.

The collaboration with the New York Yankees and the Sanitation Foundation not only brings additional resources and visibility to the effort but also strengthens community ties, promoting a sense of shared responsibility among Bronx residents.

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