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MAC commends Gov Hochul for appointing Mamadou Siré Bah director for Muslim American Affairs

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New York Governor, Kathy Hochul, has appointed Mamadou Siré Bah as the director for Muslim American Affairs.

The governor created a new position in the executive chamber dedicated to Muslim American affairs, addressing longstanding community needs and fostering stronger ties with New York’s Muslim population.

This initiative comes as Hochul seeks to mend relations following recent controversies over her communications with Arab and Muslim New Yorkers amid the Gaza conflict.

Sheikh Musa Drammeh, Chairman of the Muslim Advisory Council, praised the appointment, stating, “I’m extremely grateful to our governor for creating this historic and much-needed position in a state with the largest population of Muslims in the nation. I am equally grateful for having it filled by Mamadou Siré Bah, a great patriot who is competent, compassionate, and committed to public services. This outreach position functioning as a two-way conduit between the governor’s office and Muslim constituents is a game-changer for the governor’s constituent service delivery.”

The new role of Director for Muslim American Affairs will serve as a liaison to Islamic organizations, leaders, and advocates throughout New York State.

The director will communicate Governor Hochul’s agenda while also helping to shape policy decisions relevant to the Muslim community. This position, with a salary between $110,000 and $120,000, aligns with Hochul’s commitment to a diverse administration, which already includes liaisons for various other communities.

Governor Hochul’s office affirmed her ongoing efforts to engage with New York’s Muslim community, recognizing Muslim culture, calling out Islamophobia, and becoming the first New York Governor to visit a mosque. Despite these efforts, Hochul’s response to the Gaza conflict has drawn criticism for perceived insensitivity toward Muslim and Arab New Yorkers.

The new director’s appointment aims to enhance the governor’s outreach and constituent service delivery, providing a dedicated platform for addressing the unique needs and concerns of the Muslim community in New York.

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