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Biden launches $100m initiative to tackle housing crisis

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President Biden’s Treasury Department has unveiled a historic $100 million initiative aimed at making housing more affordable, addressing a critical issue that affects millions of Americans.

The new initiative introduces a range of financial policies designed to stimulate housing development. It also calls on other agencies to provide additional financing to support the initiative.

“We face a very significant housing supply shortfall that has been building for a long time,” stated Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. “This supply crunch has led to an affordability crunch.”

The initiative includes a program to distribute the $100 million over three years to support affordable housing projects. It also puts pressure on Federal Home Loan Banks to increase their housing expenditures. Additionally, Yellen plans to urge Congress to pass bipartisan legislation to expand the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit and call on state and local officials to remove excessive legal barriers to housing development.

A recent Treasury Department analysis revealed that housing demand has outpaced supply since 2000, resulting in inflated costs. The Biden administration’s measures aim to correct this imbalance and make homeownership a reality for countless Americans who feared it was out of reach.

This initiative highlights a key difference between Biden and his predecessor, Donald Trump. While Biden actively seeks to solve problems afflicting Americans, Trump was often criticized for ignoring or deflecting blame for such issues.

With these new measures, the Biden administration is making significant strides in addressing the housing crisis and ensuring that affordable housing is accessible to more Americans.

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