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Mayor Adams, Chancellor Banks unveil education initiatives for NYC public schools

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Schools Chancellor David C. Banks announced two transformative initiatives aimed at overhauling the city’s public school system: the “NYC Solves” math initiative and the creation of the Division of Inclusive and Accessible Learning (DIAL).

“NYC Solves” seeks to uplift math performance among middle and high school students, especially those of color, by implementing a standardized, evidence-based curriculum. This fall, 93 middle schools in eight districts and 420 high schools will adopt the Illustrative Math curriculum. Intensive educator coaching will accompany the new curriculum to ensure successful implementation.

“Through NYC Solves, we are transforming how math is taught, fostering a deeper understanding and independence in learning,” said Mayor Adams. “Our collaborative problem-solving approach will help students overcome their fear of math and ensure they graduate with strong math skills.”

In a landmark move, Mayor Adams also introduced the Division of Inclusive and Accessible Learning (DIAL), led by newly appointed Deputy Chancellor Christina Foti. This division will focus on supporting multilingual learners and students with disabilities, ensuring that every student receives a holistic education that prepares them for successful careers.

“By creating DIAL, we are making a powerful statement that every student’s success is paramount,” said Chancellor Banks. “We are committed to providing the necessary support for all students, regardless of their background or abilities.”

These announcements come on the heels of several educational achievements by the Adams administration, including:

– A 12-point increase in math proficiency rates last year.
– Implementation of NYC Reads, improving literacy with evidence-based curricula.
– Expansion of Gifted and Talented programs, benefiting 16,500 students.
– Major construction projects adding over 26,000 classroom seats.
– Initiatives like FutureReadyNYC, securing job placements for students.
– Enhanced dyslexia support and the establishment of a public school dedicated to students with print-based learning disabilities.

The initiatives have garnered wide support from educators, parents, and advocates. U.S. Representative Adriano Espaillat praised the administration’s commitment to closing the educational gap. Advocates like Paullette Healy and Kim Sweet lauded Deputy Chancellor Foti’s appointment, highlighting her dedication to inclusive education.

“Today’s initiative is a promise to close the educational gap and support all students along their academic journey,” said Representative Espaillat.

Mayor Adams and Chancellor Banks are set on creating a brighter future for New York City’s students through these groundbreaking initiatives. The combined focus on improving math education and providing equitable learning opportunities underscores their commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive educational environment for all students.

“For students struggling to learn, this marks a significant shift in their academic trajectory and life opportunities,” said Rima Izqueirdo, a Bronx parent leader.

With “NYC Solves” and the Division of Inclusive and Accessible Learning, New York City is poised to lead the nation in innovative, equitable education practices, ensuring every student can achieve their fullest potential.

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