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Melania Trump unlikely to return to White House if Donald wins — Report

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In a bombshell revelation, Axios reports that Melania Trump may opt out of returning to the White House should her husband, Donald Trump, win the presidency again, shattering the image of him as a devoted family man.

According to several sources familiar with Melania’s plans, she is expected to spend much of her time traveling between Palm Beach and New York, where her son Barron Trump may begin his studies at New York University. This move would be a historic departure from the norms of past First Ladies, as Melania would likely only attend special ceremonies such as state dinners and similar events.

“Melania does what Melania wants,” remarked Mary Jordan, a Washington Post editor and author of a book about Melania. Kate Andersen Brower, an author of several books on First Ladies, added, “She’s distancing herself even more from her husband and from the Washington social political scene. She clearly hated being in Washington.”

The sources suggest that Melania’s decision stems from repeated humiliations, including public trials over Donald Trump’s affair with a pornstar and his increasingly controversial political stance. These factors reportedly contribute to her desire to distance herself from him.

In stark contrast, President Biden’s relationship with his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, remains strong, underscoring his image as a family man who genuinely cares about the country. This comparison paints a vivid picture of Trump’s personal and political struggles, contrasting sharply with Biden’s stable family dynamics.

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