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NYC African Council backs Assemblyman Landon Dais for commitment to community solutions

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In a resounding endorsement, the NYC African Council has thrown its support behind Assemblyman Landon Dais, praising his genuine commitment to addressing the pressing needs of the 77th District.

At a time when effective leadership is crucial, the NYC African Council commends Assemblyman Dais for his dedication to public service. Unlike many driven by political ambition, Dais has demonstrated a sincere desire to deliver practical solutions to the challenges facing his constituents. His brief but impactful three-month tenure in the New York State Assembly has already made a significant difference in the lives of District 77 residents.

The endorsement highlights Dais’s deep roots in the Bronx and his rich educational background, which together fuel his steadfast commitment to community development. As a longtime community member, Dais understands the unique challenges of his district and works tirelessly to address them through his role in the Assembly.

“We, the NYC African Council, proudly endorse Assemblyman Landon Dais for his continued service to the 77th District,” the Council announced. “His leadership embodies the kind of representation our community needs and deserves in these pivotal times.”

Dais’s approach to governance is characterized by his focus on tangible outcomes and his ability to connect with and understand the needs of his constituents. His work in the Assembly reflects his commitment to public service and the well-being of the community he serves.

As the NYC African Council rallies behind Assemblyman Landon Dais, they urge the community to support his efforts and vision for a stronger, more resilient 77th District.

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