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Biden’s debate strategy: Scorched earth tactics against Trump on immigration, more

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A source familiar with President Biden’s debate prep reveals a strategy that promises to be a nightmare for Donald Trump.

Biden plans to go “gloves off, scorched earth, take no prisoners,” focusing heavily on immigration. According to CNN, Biden will “go on the offensive,” highlighting his recent executive orders and criticizing Trump’s extreme border policies.

Biden will cite the drop in recent border crossings as proof of his policies’ success and highlight Trump’s cruel family separation policy as a warning of what another MAGA presidency could bring.

Furthermore, Biden will point out that Trump pressured Republicans into blocking a bipartisan border bill to deny the Democratic president another victory.

Biden’s clear, simple arguments aim to dismantle Trump on immigration and outline a plan for a better America.

This is just one aspect of Biden’s strategy. He also plans to highlight his achievements, including a thriving economy, restored international standing, a firm stance against Putin, and a series of historic legislative successes.

The comparison between Biden and Trump, according to Biden’s team, leaves no room for doubt. Vote blue!

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