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FBI investigates Eric Adams over private emails, mysterious China trips

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Federal authorities are probing New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ use of private email addresses and the disappearance of records from seven trips he made to China.

According to a report, Adams used three private email addresses for his dealings in China, including a trip partially funded by the Chinese Communist Party.

These private email accounts, which were used between 2014 and 2021 when Adams was Brooklyn Borough President, are not traceable on New York City government servers. This raises questions about who funded the trips and with whom Adams met.

The investigation intensified after the FBI raided the home of Winnie Greco, Adams’ director of Asian Affairs, in February. The city’s Department of Investigation had already been examining Greco since last November over allegations of political fundraising improprieties and personal benefits derived from her position.

Last year, federal investigators seized Adams’ cellphones and an iPad as part of an inquiry into whether his campaign conspired with the Turkish government to receive illegal contributions. Adams has deflected questions about this investigation, emphasizing that he has not been officially accused of wrongdoing.

In response to the latest allegations, a spokesperson for Adams’ office called for a more diligent search for the missing documentation, insisting that all employees adhere to strict ethical guidelines.

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