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Venezuelan gang member arraigned for attempted murder of NYPD Officers

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The illegal alien accused of shooting two NYPD officers during a traffic stop has been arraigned on two counts of attempted murder.

The suspect, who claims affiliation with Venezuela’s notorious Tren de Aragua gang, stunned the court with his admissions about the gang’s operations.

According to the suspect, Tren de Aragua is actively involved in smuggling firearms into New York City’s migrant shelters.

He further stated that shooting at police officers is a routine practice among gang members in Venezuela, implying that such violent behavior has been imported to the streets of New York.

The dramatic incident unfolded when NYPD officers attempted a routine traffic stop, only to be met with gunfire. Both officers are currently recovering from their injuries, while the arraignment marks the beginning of a potentially explosive investigation into gang activities within the city’s migrant shelters.

Law enforcement officials are now under pressure to address these alarming claims, which suggest a dangerous nexus between international gangs and local criminal activities.

The case highlights the urgent need for enhanced security measures and stricter scrutiny of migrant shelters to prevent the spread of gang-related violence in the city.

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