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Mayor Adams reports significant crime reduction in New York City for Q2 2024

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Mayor Eric Adams announced today a notable decrease in crime rates for the second quarter of 2024, lauding the efforts of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and highlighting key initiatives contributing to this success. The city’s crime briefing, held at One Police Plaza, showcased a reduction in major felony crimes, with a particular focus on the safety of transit and housing areas.

Mayor Adams emphasized the administration’s dedication to public safety as the cornerstone of prosperity in New York City. “The prerequisite to prosperity is public safety and justice. The city must be safe,” he stated, recognizing the tireless work of NYPD officers and city officials in maintaining this safety.

The briefing underscored several strategic efforts by the NYPD, including targeted deployments in high-risk areas, precision policing, and the introduction of advanced technologies such as data-driven officer deployment and extensive use of surveillance cameras.

Police Commissioner Edward Caban provided an overview of the crime statistics for the first half of 2024:

Overall Major Crime: Down 2% compared to the same period last year.

Murder, Burglary, Grand Larceny, Auto Theft: Significant reductions in these categories.

Transit Crime: Down almost 7% for the first half of the year and 15% for June alone, marking a notable decrease below pre-pandemic levels.

Housing Crime: Saw an almost 3% decrease, with an 8% reduction in June.

Caban credited these improvements to the NYPD’s relentless focus on gun violence and strategic deployments, which have led to the removal of over 17,000 illegal firearms since 2022, including more than 3,400 in the past six months.

Chief Michael LiPetri highlighted the department’s success in gun arrests, achieving numbers not seen in 29 years, and the implementation of precision policing in areas accounting for a significant portion of violent crimes. The focus on high-crime zones has been instrumental in reducing shootings and other violent incidents.

Despite these successes, challenges remain. The briefing addressed increases in certain crime categories:

Felony Assaults: Driven by domestic violence and elder assaults.

Robberies: An uptick in violent shoplifting incidents.

Rapes: Increases in domestic-related, acquaintance, and stranger rapes, although more victims are coming forward to report past crimes.

Chief Joseph Kenny provided details on a recent sexual assault in Central Park, emphasizing the swift and coordinated response by multiple NYPD units. The perpetrator, Jermaine Longmire, was swiftly apprehended and charged, showcasing the NYPD’s effectiveness in handling such incidents.

The briefing also addressed community concerns, including crime in specific precincts and areas like East 14th Street. Mayor Adams and NYPD officials committed to ongoing efforts to tackle these issues, with plans for increased patrols, the deployment of surveillance cameras, and collaboration with community leaders.

Mayor Adams concluded by reiterating the administration’s commitment to a safer New York City. “We are doing our job. Arrests are up, and we are apprehending bad guys,” he stated, calling for continued support from lawmakers and the community to sustain these positive trends.

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