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President Biden faces pressure to drop out of reelection campaign after poor debate performance

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President Joe Biden is facing a growing movement within the Democratic Party urging him to abandon his reelection campaign following a lackluster debate performance. Despite the calls for him to step aside, Biden remains resolute in his determination to stay in the race.

During a passionate speech to supporters in Wisconsin and in an interview with ABC News, Biden emphasized that he is the best candidate to prevent Republican Donald Trump from returning to the White House in the upcoming November 5th election.

Biden’s debate performance on June 27th raised concerns among some Democrats about his mental acuity and stamina, given his age of 81. Critics worry that his potential defeat could have negative repercussions for other Democratic candidates as well. House Democrats and a group of senators are expected to discuss this matter when they reconvene in Washington next week.

Recent polls indicate that Trump has widened his lead since the debate, and a Reuters/Ipsos poll revealed that one in three Democrats want Biden to withdraw from the race. However, Biden firmly rejected these calls during his speech.

Acknowledging his subpar performance at the debate, Biden assured his supporters that it was an isolated incident and that he remains strong and capable. Despite facing persistent questions about his trailing poll numbers, Biden dismissed them and cited other polls that showed him in a better position.

When asked if he had undergone a specific cognitive test for a neurological exam, Biden stated that he had not, emphasizing that the demands of the White House are rigorous enough. His most recent physical exam, conducted on February 28th, concluded that he was fit for duty.

Biden continued to assert that he is the strongest candidate to challenge Trump, stating that only “Lord almighty” could remove him from the race.

While some have dismissed Biden’s efforts to reassure Democrats, he appears determined to press on. Democratic strategist David Axelrod expressed concern over Biden’s inability to address the doubts surrounding him, while a senior Democratic National Committee official stated that Biden is unlikely to withdraw unless there is a significant revolt within the party.

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