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Mayor Adams announces $160m investment in recreation center, expanded parks maintenance

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In a historic move that promises to breathe new life into one of New York City’s most vibrant communities, Mayor Eric Adams today announced a monumental $160 million investment in the Brownsville Recreation Center.

The initiative also includes the addition of 240 full-time maintenance workers to keep 62 parks across the five boroughs clean and welcoming. The announcement underscores the city’s commitment to enhancing the quality of life for all New Yorkers through improved public spaces.

The Brownsville Recreation Center, a cornerstone of the community for 70 years, is set to undergo a complete transformation into a state-of-the-art facility.

“This rec center has been a safe haven and a community hub for generations,” said Mayor Adams. “Our $160 million investment will ensure that it continues to serve as a beacon of hope and a hub of activity for Brownsville residents.”

Commissioner Sue Donoghue of the Department of Parks and Recreation highlighted the center’s vital role in the community. “Our rec centers provide places to play, learn, and exercise. They support the social fabric and culture of our neighborhoods,” she said. “This investment will turn the 70-year-old complex into a brand new, state-of-the-art recreation center in the heart of Brooklyn.”

In addition to the recreation center’s renovation, the city is committing $15 million to hire 240 full-time maintenance staff, who will ensure that city parks remain clean and safe. This initiative will introduce a second shift of cleaning, addressing the needs of park-goers who use these spaces after typical working hours. Deputy Mayor for Operations, Meera Joshi, emphasized the importance of this initiative. “Our outdoor spaces are our backyards. They need to be in order, accessible, and inviting,” she said. “This administration is the first to recognize that parks need maintenance beyond the standard workday.”

Mayor Adams, born in Brownsville, expressed his personal connection to the community and his commitment to equitable development. “For too long, communities like Brownsville have seen broken promises. Today, we are making it clear that every community deserves an incredible space to raise healthy children and families.”

City Councilmember Chris Banks echoed this sentiment, celebrating the investment as a long-overdue recognition of Brownsville’s potential. “This capital investment is a testament to the legacy of hope in a community that unfortunately sees more negative stories than we want to see,” he said. “The Brownsville Recreation Center is a place of hope, and this investment will ensure it remains a beacon for future generations.”

The renovation project will leverage modern construction techniques to expedite the process, reducing the timeline by up to two years. This accelerated timeline is crucial for the community, providing quicker access to the enhanced facilities.

The announcement was met with enthusiasm from community leaders and residents alike. Ionna Jimenez, Project Director of the Brownsville Community Justice Center, highlighted the center’s significance. “We are super excited to ensure that this remains a vital cornerstone in our community,” she said. “This investment is a tremendous step forward for Brownsville.”

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