Abled to Speak up 

Abled to Speak up 
Lawrence Seiler., a Journalist Abled to Speak Up

This column is in 3rd person
To illustrate Disease and the history of it
Flash Back 1800s
Hello I'm Dr George Soper

I've been Hired as an investigator to track down disease Carriers as I heard Mary Mallon an Irish immigrant who I've heard through the Department of Health has been working as a cook for rich families in Oyster Bay Long Island and other families... as I've heard she has Typhoid Germs and we must quarantine her on North Brother Island at a hospital there called Riverside Hospital a hospital that quarantines individuals with diseases

We found Mary and quarantined her and others she fought with police and Dr. S. Josephine Baker when we were struggling to quarantine her.

Now that we got her another job in a laundry and out of the way of cooking, she will be ok
Back to 2020
You see after that the NY health department issued food handler cards that were good for 10 years after this people would have to retest.

It's going through history that we must be careful of how clean we are as a worldly people 
Here is a small list of diseases

That got people really sick and death even happened Diptheria caused by a cold but in unclean water conditions 1880s. Typhus caused by lice mites rats unclean environment  1800s
TB usually caused by coughing next to each other and when people are sick 1800s but started in ancient Greece. 

And others such Chicken pox or small pox which can be caused by touching a contaminated surface like a doorknob. The only way to stop disease is to be cleaner as a world

For those places that require cleaner water in which some places in our world do not have clean water to stop disease we need to tell The World Health Organization and the United Nations Committee on Disability to help with money for clean drinking water and in some places such as Vermont where water main breaks happen more shelves need not be empty they need to be full with bottled water and give more money to small towns so they can fix more of the water main breaks

What we do is advice is to boil water first before you drink it or get a Brita filter and put it on the faucet before you drink it..

Water is getting better but it's going to take a while to get rid of the coronavirus so carry sanitizer with you at all times wash your hands when preparing food wear gloves when handling  Rae poultry and meats and sanitize your cutting boards and knives you will thank me later.
For more info on Typhoid Mary you can watch the PBS special The Most Dangerous Woman in America  October 12,2004 you can watch it on you tube and for more information on food handlers cards or tests go to this certification is good for 10 years
And for outside New York, you can turn to the Servsafe Cirification
The Servsafe exam is good for 5 years and must constantly be recertified
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Lawrence Seiler
Journalist Abled to Speak Up