Africa Day 2020

Africa Day 2020


New York City, New York (4/23/2020) --You are cordially invited to the 13th Official African Day celebration in New York 

After several consultative processes with African Union Secretariat at the United Nations, African community leaders, African Entrepreneurs, African clergy, African educators, Africa Stakeholders and New York City and state elected officials in 2006, the African Union Day Foundation was formed with a mission of being the official convener of Africa Day and African Union Day in New York, as well as to participate in the promotion of African Arts and Cultures in the Diaspora. 

The African Union Day Foundation has since worked with city and state elected officials in passing two resolutions from Councilwoman Annabel Palma for September 9th African Union Day in the city and Assemblyman Hakeem Jefferies for May 25th Africa Day in the state. 

In 2007, Brooklyn Assemblyman Hakeem Jefferies sponsored a resolution in Albany to recognize May 25TH  as Africa Day in New York State and went on to host the first official Africa Day celebration in Albany with the presence of diplomatic officials from the African Union Secretariat at the United Nations in New York City. The Africans in the diaspora mostly from the tristate area took bus loads to Albany to patriotically participate in this historic moment. Honorable Josheph Makhandal Champagne, Esq, former Mayor of South Toms River, New Jersey, was the keynote speaker on this inaugural event. 
Since 2006, African Union Day Foundation has been collaborating with African organizations, African diplomats and elected officials in New York City in convening these celebrations annually.  African Immigrants Commission of New York and Connecticut is the official co-convener for these celebrations. 

Due to Coronavirus Pandemic this of 2020, Africa Day celebration will be digitally carried to the global audience with special invited guests to include dignitaries, diplomats, elected officials, clergy, educators, celebrities, students, entrepreneurs, entertainers and friends of Africa. 
Live from New York City, from 7:00-10:00 PM on Monday, May 25, 2020. The celebration is free and open to all, however donations to African Rapid Relief Mobilization is highly appreciated. 

Theme: African Rapid Relief Mobilization

Official hashtags: #africaday2020 #arrm

For further information, you can call 1-718-822-5555 or Thank you!