African Community leader declares ‘100 per cent’ support for Tom Suozzi’s bid for NY Governor

African Community leader declares ‘100 per cent’ support for Tom Suozzi’s bid for NY Governor
Tom Suozzi and Sheikh Musa Drammeh

One of the most renowned outspoken African Community leaders in New York State, Sheikh Musa Drammeh, has declared his full support for Tom Suozzi to run for NY Democratic Primary governorship race .

In his remarks after Rep. Suozzi declared his intention earlier today, Drammeh noted that his long time involvement in selfless public service in New York has made him to swift endorse Suozzi for New York State Governor.

“Rep. Tom Suozzi is a man of the masses, the voice of the voiceless and the unseen among the New Yorkers. He is an advocate of public safety, diverse leadership system and practical economic recovery plan. Suozzi is indeed a common sense Democrat!” said Drammeh.

“My belief in his leadership style and capacity to lead New Yorkers out of the pandemic calamities actually made me to create an online forum called Suozzi for Governor even before he announce his intention to run for the New York Democratic primary race for governor. Suozzi has one hundred per cent of my support,” he added.

“Join me in saving New York State from its current socio-political disasters by being part of the movement that’ll make Suozzi’s dream a reality,” Drammeh concluded.

Sheikh Musa Drammeh is founder and Chairman of Muslim Media Corporation, the CEO of New York Political Coalition and co-founder of African Democratic Club and Africa Club-56, and a key leader of the New York African Council initiated by Mayor-elect Eric Adams. The Bronxite African was one of the recipients of the recentcly concluded 2021 African Leadership Award, declared as the winner of Corporate Social Responsility Award.


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