Afro-American Mona Davids defrauds NYC AU Day Foundation

Afro-American Mona Davids defrauds NYC AU Day Foundation
Photo from New York Post: Mona Davids/Mymoena Davids

The self-acclaimed founder and president of the New York Charter Parents Association and the New York City Parents Union, Mona Davids has defrauded and hijacked NYC Africa Day – May 25 celebration, an annual program of African Union Day Foundation.

This was disclosed by the Co-founder and President of African Union Day Foundation, Sheikh Musa Drammeh.

“Mona Davids joined us in disguise as a volunteer organizing committee member with a mission to make this year’s celebration memorable. Unfortunately, she hijacked the entire program towards the end of the planning stage,” said Drammeh.

In her request note to join the Organizing Committee of the 2020 NYC Africa Day, Davids claimed to be a capitalist, capable of supporting the team to brand the program and raise fund.   

“Waw, this can be huge, if branded right.  I’m a capitalist who goes after the money. We can raise lots of money from sponsors.  Although I have never dealt with not-for-profits and the African community, … I still want to be part of this,” Davids said.

She then promised to donate a website and help the Foundation handle its social media platforms for effective mobilization and branding.

“I will help you with the branding.  I will send you a model website that I built so you can see what I can do for you with this Africa Day…  I will donate my services in building you the website because you need to have control of Africa Day and African Union Day celebrations.  I will get AAC involve this year,” she wrote.  

She confessed that she had no strong connection with African community in New York, so would need the support of the committee members to gather contacts of established African community members.

“I don’t (know) too many people in the African community; therefore, I will depend on you.  You can give me the contacts for all African leaders and I will invite them for you myself.  You know everybody and everybody knows you,” Davids stated in the email.

The Foundation accused Ms. Davids of fraud and deception, as she removed other members of organizing committee from all the social media groups they administered and created a team, while using the same platforms and the organization’s properties to continue the program and to boost her capitalistic networks through the contacts gathered.

“Ms. Mona Davids, as a former Organizing Committee member who has committed fraud and acted with deceitful intent with or without others, you are hereby ordered to immediately restore admin privileges for all Original Organizing Committee members and to also turn in the properties of the said committee to the African Union Day Foundation within 36 hours from today 5/27/2020. These properties include but are limited to the contacts, letters, website, YouTube channel, social media, videos and photos regarding the 13th Africa Day NYC celebration that took place on Monday, May 25, 2020,” said Mr. Drammeh in a note sent to Ms. Davids.

Report gathered from the organization showed that Ms. Davids has failed to return the said properties and has moved on with her newly recruited organizing committee members to represent African Union Day Foundation in all capacities. All efforts to reach her and to hear her own side of the story proved abortive.