Bangladeshi community leader condemns shooting of NYPD cop in Bronx

Bangladeshi community leader condemns shooting of NYPD cop in Bronx
Mohammed Mujumder

By Moses Kuwema


Aspiring council member for New York City's District 18 Mohammed Mujumder has called on the community in the Bronx to condemn the shooting of NYPD officer Daniel Vargas.  

Officer Vargas, assigned to the department's gun violence suppression division, was shot in the back while chasing a man in the Soundview area of the Bronx along Lafayette Avenue on Tuesday night. 

He was released from  Jacobi Medical Center on Thursday.

In a statement Friday, Mujumder, who is also a Banglandeshi community leader,  said over the years, his community has over the years fostered a strong relationship with the local police precinct, which has been focused on encouraging safety and support for the men in uniform.

"Mohammed is aware that during tough economic times, communities begin to experience an uptick in crime, which is why he supports building strong relationships with local NCOs and police precinct," read the statement. "Officer Vargas is a young, and good man. I am very heartbroken for the shooting of one of our men. We as a community, are in support of our officers, and as a community must condemn these violent and awful acts. We need a safe community and ensure our cops are safe and ready to protect our neighborhood."

Mujumder called on the expansion of the gun buyback program in order to take the guns off the streets and put money in the pockets of the people.

New York City plans to launch a new joint task force to combat gun violence and shootings. It will be made up of community leaders, local organizations, the crisis management system, and District Attorneys to rebuild a safer city for all.