Bloomberg For President

Bloomberg For President
Michael R. Bloomberg, the next President of the United States God Willing



Dear New Yorkers,

There are two things about Mayor Michael Bloomberg that needs clarification from a New Yorker that belong to both: 
1.    Profiling of Muslims
2.    Stop and Frisk

About the Demographics Unit

First of all, if there is any person reading this article that knows about any federal, state or municipal agency, law enforcement or otherwise, that had a comprehensive demographics of Muslims in the United States prior to September 11, 2001, I would love to know about it. I know for certain no such thing had existed in New York. 

The tragedy of 9/11 was a game-changer. It was shocking is understatement. It was painful is understatement. It was destructive is understatement. It was humiliating to law enforcement communities is understatement. It was confusing to politicians is understatement. So the resolved, commitment and sacrifices needed to never, ever experience such evil is also understatement. 

After 9/11, politicians, the military and law enforcement agencies throughout the world went into chaotic moment of figuring out how could it happened, can it happen again, and what can be done to prevent such powerful force of evilness. Through this confusion, concerns, extreme angers, and overreactions, a huge and devastating mistakes followed suit. Military deployment overseas and law enforcement deployments nationally brought with them the tendency to violet international laws and national rules and regulations. It was like learn as you go and apologize after you offend types of operations.

New York City where it all centered in had to do something quickly and forcefully. Since all the accused hijackers were Muslims and no city agency including our law enforcement agencies had a clue about who Muslim New Yorkers were and where they lived, the demographics units of our law enforcement agencies became a necessary evil. Mayor Bloomberg has never, ever shown a bias towards any group including Muslims, nor were his policies and priorties. He had always showed his concerns for the safety and the protection of civil rights of all New Yorkers. This is a known fact.
Regardless, the challengers of the Demographics Unit became partially victorious as the shock of 9/11 started to wane a little and rationality returning slowly. 

About Stop and Frisk

Any fair-minded New Yorkers who lived in the city in the 80s and 90s can appreciate the current level of overall crimes in the city, the safest big city in the nation. Mayor Bloomberg was elected as a successful businessman during a high crimes in the city. He knew he wouldn’t be successful with his economic development agenda without first making the city a safer place to live, work and invest. Under his administration, the city had experienced record levels of tourism and economic development. Stop and frisk, while highly controversial, was one of the public safety programs that had made this possible. The fact is, violent crimes have concentrated in poorer neighborhoods and destroys minority lives and opportunity to succeed in the richest city in the nation.  So since minority community experience most of the crimes and violence, stop-and-frisk numbers are also minority majority naturally. Nonetheless the challengers of stop-n-frisk were also partially victorious as New Yorkers have begun to feel more sense of safety in their persons due to low overall crime rate. Mayor DeBlasio inherited low crime rate, thanks to Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Raymond Kelly. Ray Kelly is one of the longest serving and most honorable public servants in the nations. 

Thank You for reading my position on these two issues. Let us elect Michael R. Bloomberg president. He is the best suited leader to lead this nation and the world for that matter. Please join our facebook group: Bloomberg For President.  Twitter: @nationalpanacea

Thank you and God bless the United States of America