Bronx Democratic Chairman abdicates, resigns from NYS Assembly

Bronx Democratic Chairman abdicates, resigns from NYS Assembly
Marcos Crespo

Bronx Democratic Party Chairman, Marcos A. Crespo, has resigned from the New York State Assembly and stepped down as Bronx County Democratic Chair.

Crespo disclosed this on his Twitter handle on Saturday June 27, 2020. 

Crespo noted that sometimes in February, he announced his intention not to seek re-election. 

He added his that resignation is a confirmation of that announcement. He stressed that he had promised to finish the session calendar and see the Bronx Democratic Party through the primary elections. 

"And now that the voters have spoken, I want to congratulate all the Democratic winners, wish them immense success in November. 

"I will step down as Chair of the Democratic Party in The Bronx to coincide with my official resignation as a Member of the NYS Assembly effective today," Crespo said. 

He stated further, "I'm proud of all we have accomplished over the last five years thanks to the work of talented and committed staff and volunteers. 

"We supported the election of young, dynamic, and diverse progressive elected officials."

While announcing his achievements as a member of the state Assembly, he stated that his administration made history with the first black female District Attorney in the state of New York. 

He added that his administration also strengthened the judiciary by supporting and electing dozens of women of color to the bench.

"The Party has become more inclusive, and the community now has a more welcoming space for larger gatherings and political activities with our newly built out. headquarters," he stated. 

The Assemblyman noted that The Bronx continues to be the epicenter of tremendous growth and improvements. 

"Our beloved borough still has an arduous road ahead to address the long-standing socioeconomic disparities that were so aggressively exposed with the Covid-19 pandemic. 

"But I have tull trust and taith in our voters,I belleve they have made great choices in this election cycle. 

"I am certain that the collective wisdom and experience of these elected Democrats will steer the party into the future with success," he continued. 

"Once again, to every colleague, District Leader, State Committee Member, community partner, financial supporter, Democratic voter, even our opponents, I say thank you for the opportunity to work together. 

"The Bronx will always be my home, but look forward to the nexth generation of leadership continuing the fight to uplift every resident and make life better every day for our great Borough," he concluded.